Claino con Osteno is a mountain town in the province of Como that overlooks Lake Lugano, it enjoys having a wonderful location between the lake and the mountains.

Lake Ceresio and the lush mountains that overlook it have aroused enormous naturalistic and cultural interest since ancient times.

Claino con Osteno, located on the slopes of the Intelvi Valley and overlooking the waters of the Italian-Swiss lake, is among the best examples of urban settlement perfectly integrated into the surrounding nature. Nature is not only its background, but the main and essential element of its inhabitants’ life.

Already in Roman times there were small villages in the area and the major gave the name to this place.

From the districts of the town wind long and ancient paths that allow you to visit all the surrounding woodland, giving glimpses of rare beauty.

The Telo creek and the Lirone river cross the territory making their way through deep gorges and cracks between the rocks and then flow into Lake Ceresio.

How to get around in Claino con Osteno

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