The historical district where you can still breathe an ancient unaltered atmosphere which welcomed the project “Borgo Dipinto”.

Claino is a charming village built on the slopes of the mountains that overlook the south-eastern side of Lake Ceresio or Lake Lugano. It is surrounded by woods in an area rich in spring waters and is the hometown of many artists and engineers. Moreover, it is a place which still has its ancient unaltered atmosphere.

Medieval arcades, formerly equipped with gates to protect the town from brigands, give you direct access to the historical core of the town. From these gates, the streets of the village wind only to come together one more through small alleys, arrow slits and ancient cobblestone stairs.

The houses, equipped with cellars and ancient stables, stand side by side and are separated only by small alleys which open under arcades. These arcades are covered by wooden ceilings open up into small squares that were historically used as places to meet and share news.

At the borders of the town’s historical center, ancient paths wind and today, just as in the past, they lead to places full of historical, social and religious meaning, such as the ancient wash house with its votive chapel and the Oratory of Santa Giulia. If you continue along the old mule tracks, you can easily reach the other districts of the village before descending the wide valley to the banks of the Lake Ceresio.

On the many facades throughout the town, it is easy to glimpse ancient decorations and noble coat of arms, a memory of a time when these places were administered by feudal lords and counts. The names of squares and streets are reminiscent of famous local names and crafts; take “Via dei Dottori” for example, which is named in memory of apothecaries and doctors who used to care for all the valley’s inhabitants.

Discover “Borgo Dipinto”

Click on the map to enlarge it and download a copy. The orange numbers indicate the progressive order of the works of Borgo Dipinto.