How to reach us by car:

  • from Milan: take the motorway “Autostrada dei Laghi A9”  and then take the exit “Como Lago” towards Menaggio/Porlezza/Lugano. Alternatively you can take the exit towards Argegno/San Fedele Intelvi/Porlezza. Then go through the town of Porlezza and take the road for “Valle Intelvi” at the traffic light junction, to reach Claino con Osteno.
  • from Switzerland*: take the motorway A2 and then take either the exit “Lugano Sud” or “Lugano Nord” towards Gandria/Valsolda/Porlezza/Claino con Osteno.

How to reach us by train, bus or across the lake:

  • from Milan: take the Trenord train line from “Milano Cadorna” to “Como Lago” or take the Trenitalia train line from “Milano Centrale” to “Como San Giovanni” or “Lugano”.
  • from Como: take the bus to Menaggio and take the bus which goes between Menaggio and Lugano. Alternatively, you can take the boat/hydrofoil to Menaggio and then the bus to Lugano.
  • from Lugano: take the bus to Menaggio or the boat to Valsolda/Osteno/Porlezza/Claino con Osteno.

For more details or information, please visit the following websites: Trenitalia / Trenord / Ferrovie Svizzere

*The use of Swiss national roads (motorways and two-lane expressway back) is subject to the payment of a prepaid sticker, known as “vignette”. It is therefore advisable to follow the cantonal roads, which are not subject to tolls: Chiasso / Lugano / Gandria / Porlezza / Osteno.