The historical docking station on the lake that allowed travelers from all over the valley to reach the coastal towns and Lugano.

The Municipality of Osteno rises at the point where the river Lirone and the Telo creek meet by cascading into Osteno’s gorge.

The rubble brought by the creek and from the lake has created a natural beach in the shade of ancient trees over the millennia, from which it is possible to admire the passage of swans, mallards, gray herons and cormorants.

Thanks to the small Malombra Pier, public boats and boat lovers can dock in Ugo Ricci Square to discover the most picturesque corners of the town.

The parish church of the Saints Pietro and Paolo, which sits higher than the rest of the historic center, is formed by three naves, six pillars, seven altars and a vaulted roof.

This roof was completed over several centuries thanks to the work of famous local artists with the collaboration of the parishioners.

Among the altars, the Virgin Mary, sculpted by Andrea Bregno, stands out.

Bregno was one of the best Lombard sculptors of the Renaissance period, and also created the Tabernacle which dates back to 1464.

Furthermore, at the altar of San Michele, you can see a fresco created by an unknown author, which is a copy of Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment”.

The bell tower of the church was erected following Saint Carlo Bartolomeo’s visits in 1570 and 1582 and it is for this reason that one of the altars is dedicated to him.

The Cannottieri Osteno can also be found in Osteno, a sports association founded in 1962 which is a source of pride for the town.