The district rises up on the spur of rock.

The village rises up on the spur of the rock that divides the two valleys, the Telo creek and the river Lirone. In the small square of O. Dolci, stands the Oratory Santa Maria delle Grazie, richly decorated with stuccoes and paintings. The presbytery and the vault are remarkable with beautiful stuccos, depicting various moments of the Virgin Mary’s life, four figures representing the saints on either side of the altar and an oil altarpiece depicting the Madonna and Child.

The statue of the Virgin Mary and the wonderful images of the Way of the Cross were donated centuries ago by the inhabitants of Osteno and Claino as a sign of their devotion to the nearby sanctuary. The philharmonic band of Claino con Osteno, “La Garibaldina”, was founded in 1844 and is one the oldest in the province of Como. In the south of the district, where the street Alessandro Giobbi runs along the river Lirone, ancient mills stand on the shores of Lake Lugano.